Review of The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken

I realthedarkestmindly enjoyed reading this book. The story is amazing, the dystopian world is in shambles, full of pain, division and instability. The characters are great. I loved Ruby and Lee and Zu and Chubs. Every single one of them was unique and different and they fit together so perfectly. Fate brings them together in a journey to seek freedom and safety. In the run form officials and bounty hunters trying to take them back to prison camps,  their relationships develop and flourish and they form a very nice team. More


My First 2015 Quarter In Books

My first quarter in books. I decided it would be a good idea for me to gather my thoughts on the books I read every few months. That way when the end of the year comes, it would be easier for me to chose the best books of the year. I also thought it might be nice to share those thoughts with you.

This year started while I was reading The Broken Empire series by Mark Lawrence. I really enjoyed the series, Jorg was such an interesting character, full of surprises and intrigues. I found Mark Lawrence’s style very enthralling almost hypnotic, the way he keeps you guessing what would Jorg do next. When you read the book, you kind of know that Jorg will get what he wants, he is that kind of guy, the question is how? And that just drew my imagination throughout the books. I loved the sneak peaks into his memory and how at the end we discover that Jorg does have heart and is capable of real love. I always find it weird how fantasy books twist your mind. How the author has complete control over your powers of reasoning. If the author wants you to believe that assassins are cool, you will have to obey. If the author wants to completely destroy your stereotypes and convince you that the wolf who is planning to eat you is your best friend, then you just hug the wolf with all your might. Good authors really do have the great power of shaping our thoughts and defining our emotions. Mark Lawrence is one of those. I mean Jorg is a killer and even a rapist and his hands are drenched in blood, yet I still liked him as a character, and found him interesting. In any other scenario he would be a villain, but in this one he was the hero and I loved him. More

Review of The Novice by Taran Matharu

noviceThe book follows the journey of young orphan Fletcher. Fletcher has always been the odd one out in his small town, lonely and friendless. The night he discovers he has the special gift of a summoner, he commits a crime and ends up in the run. Fletcher’s journey leads him to a school of novice summoners. He makes new friends and faces new challenges as he learns more about his power, family and empire.

The world building of the story is amazing, the empire is in shambles with wars and divisions. There are elves, dwarves, orcs and a magical world with magical creatures. Although the concepts of the world themselves are familiar, the story still felt original and creative. I liked the demons, the magic levels and all the adventures involved in capturing the demons. Fletcher as a character was very interesting. He started off as a lonely orphan with no friends, always getting bullied by richer youngsters. More

Review of Fireblood by Jeff Wheeler

FirebloodA wonderful story set in a world filled with magic and wonders and threatened by a disastrous plague that ravages the kingdoms once every generation, wiping whole cities and decimating the population. A city, Kenatos is created in the centre of the kingdoms on an island surrounded by a lake, to gather knowledge and preserve it from an other plague.  A scholar of Kenatos, Tyrus has dedicated all his life to annihilate the plague and traveled to the mystifying Scourgelands, thought to be the source of the plague, with a team of trusted companions. They all end up dying except him and a woman who gives birth to twins. Annon and Hettie get separated at birth and the story follows their lives after they have reunited. More

Zira, The Flower of the Mountain

Part 1: Initiation

Zira’s eyes drifted to sleep, her head dropped onto the wooden counter and she jerked awake. She stood up; she was meant to be working in the shop not sleeping. It wasn’t fair though, her sister Mila, whose turn it was to run their father’s shop, was at home enjoying a cozy afternoon nap, and here she was fighting to keep awake. Mila was the older one almost eighteen now, and she was meant to be the responsible one, not the lazy one. Zira was only sixteen, but she was taller and more sensible and mature than her sister who made a game of every situation, always pulling pranks and betting, which reminded Zira of the challenge she lost to her sister that got her working the shop today instead of Mila in the first place. More

Review of The Second Guard by J D Vaughn

Second guardThe book follows the story of Tali, the second born child in her family. As all second-born children of the realm of Tequende, when Tali reached fifteen, she was sent to train as a guard. The story follows Tala’s journey through her first year of training, her relationship with her family, friends and nemeses. Tali and her friends embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth through a marvelous world full of wonders and surprises, on the way they unravel important secrets that might threaten the safety of the realm they had pledged to save and protect. They seek help and advice from those they trust and face loss and betrayal. At the end, their faithfulness to their realm is tested; will they be strong enough to offer the ultimate sacrifice? More

Review of The Providence of Fire by Brian Staveley

The second book of the Unhewn Throne trilogy is beyond amazing. I really providenceoffireenjoyed reading the Emperor’s Blades. It was a deep, thrilling, engrossing debut. The characters were interesting, the ideas and concepts intriguing, the world creative and diverse. When the Providence of Fire was released I decided to read it straight away especially that I have only recently read the Emperor’s blades and its was all still fresh in my mind.

When we left off with the Emperor’s blades, the two brothers Valyn and Kaden were united. Its wasn’t the kind of union you would imagine for two brothers who have been separated for eight years. Valyn had flown to the bone mountains to save his brother, who was being pursued by a whole army of Aedolians, the same guards that were supposed to protect him. Things got even more complicated with the presence of an other kettral wing trying to kill them. Kaden had finally managed to reach the variante, More

Lalla Fatma N’Soumer

Before I start rambling about the books I read and the stories I plan to write, I thought it is appropriate to kick start this blog by introducing the lady after whom it was named: LallPhoto-Fatma_N'Soumera Fatma N’Soumer. The mention of her name alone brings tears to my eyes. She is my heroine and my role model.

Growing up, Lalla Fatmah was a little defiant girl. At a time when most girls dreamed of weddings and families, she dreamed of books and learning. She was born in 1830 in the high mountains of Algeria, the same year the French invaded the country and started rampaging through its cities and villages. Their colonial endeavours were slowed down by a number of resistance movements that broke out throughout the country, but that’s a story for an other time. More